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Describe your last poop using the title of a book

Children of the Corn
The Green Mile
Black Beauty
Lord of the Flies
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
A River Runs Through It
Blood and Thunder
Gone With the Wind
Black Hawk Down
The Longest Yard
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
The Killer Inside Me
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Pooh Gets Stuck
The Fast and the Furious

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why does music on youtube sound better than the music you have on your computer

i think it's similar to how potato chips taste better when you're mooching them off a friend and not when you have a whole bag to yourself

waka waka eh eh
awooo waka waka espagna

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canada won gold in ice dance!!!!!!!!!!!
on home ground!!!!!!!!
first pair from north america!!!!!!!!!!
youngest in the history of the olympics!!!!!!!!
and they went to my highschool!!!!!!!!!

been skating together since they were 7 & 9
theyre not dating but they're def gonna fuck tonight
awooo waka waka espagna

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hi i made a friends cut

got no beef with nobaddy, just removed all the inactive journals and people who i don't talk to etc
if you happened to be just a lurker with nothing to say and wanna add me back go ahead

just doing some feburary cleaning lalalala